Personalise your size, your design, your logo, advertise your business with our years of experience in car air fresheners industry. With our renewed wholesale production machines we manufacture your large order custom car air fresheners faster than ever.

 Many wholesale paper car air freshener sellers, at the payment section, request extra cost for setup fees, cutting fees, color options, side options etc… We give you only one price with everything is included. With our last technology manufacturing machines, we minimize the costs and it reflected to our prices in an incredible way! 

What is included to our Custom Car Air Fresheners prices?

Our prices don’t change when you choice whether

1 Colour – 2 Colours – 3 Colours – Full Colour. While colour options don’t change our price, we produce the highest quality of air fresheners related to your artwork design.

1 Side or 2 Side. You can select the air fresheners 1 side or 2 sides. It machines can produce  It doesn’t change our prices. 

Different scent choices (Minimum 500 in one scent)

Free nylon packaging

Free cutting fee

No setup cost

Shapes don’t change prices

Prices change whether you request

More quantity (Decrease)

Larger size than 7,5*7,5cm (increase)

Special packaging ( We normally send the air fresheners with nylon packaging )

Highest Quality Car Air Fresheners 

We have a health certificate in our car air fresheners which is given by UK (United Kingdom) health ministry. Our products have 2 years expiration date and 10-21 days with opened package. All the scent options are totally natural and don’t have any effect allergic problems. 

Samples We Produced For Our International Customers

custom car air fresheners special packaged

Custom Packaged

custom car fresheners car air fresheners sample car air freshener customized personalized

If you request any of our natural car air freshener samples please contact us at sales@carairfreshners.com . We don’t charge you for samples without shipping fee. Shipping fees change between 10 to 25 euros depending on your location.

Scent Options

We have 10 different scent options. You can select one of the scents below on your custom car air fresheners order or mix them with your order. When you request samples from us, please let us know which scents you choice.

  • Coconut
  • Melon
  • Lavender
  • Newberry
  • New Car Scent
  • Pine
  • Mastermind
  • Fresh
  • Zafira
  • Inlove

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