Step 1) Design Approval
Send your artwork to and we will prepare your design for printing. You can simply send us your logo if you don’t have an artwork ready. We can design the best artworks for your air fresheners for free.


Step 2) Payment
We request for the payment before printing processes. After the artwork confirmation and payment approval, the design goes into a mass montage


Step 3) Production
After printing the air fresheners go into the press machine so the both sides get pressed with a reasonable width. after that the air fresheners will go to the cutting machine and get ready for adding the elastic band. After the elastic bands get attached to air fresheners, the final product will get drown in fragrance pool. The next procedure is leaving them to get dried and after that, they will get packed in single OPP bags and will get ready for shipping. This procedure takes 10-14 working days.


Step 4) Shipping
After your address confirmation, the packages will get shipped to your address in 2-5 days.